Here is a picture of Lady plowing snow. She loves the snow. She loves being outdoors. She stays outside most of the day especially if it is really nice. She is so mellow compared to Tiger. They do love to play. They fight over toys, treats and bones. She was a good mate for Tiger. She has had her first heat that was fun trying to kept them apart. 
I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Lady is a beautiful black and tan wirehair female, champion sired. 
Hello Linda!  

We picked "Schroeder" up 4 weeks ago, and he is just a sweetheart. When the first snow fell though, we thought there may be some Kangoroo DNA in him ... it was hillarious to see him jump through the snow - it was only about 1/4 inch on the ground, but he jumped as though there were 2-3 inches and it was touching his belly. 


Schroeder is shown here with Gerda's daughter.

Hi Linda, 

This is Miss Sable at 6 months old, she is a lover, wants to be held and carried like a baby, cuddled, loves to lick, chase the cat and sleep in your lap. She has totally changed our lives and now we are about to get a little boy from you so Miss Sable will have a friend.

Happy Holidays, Tim and Karen 

Miss Sable is a red sable longhair female Dachshund. She is shown here with friends of Tim and Karen, and below with her friend Bentley.
Hi Linda,

She did fine the whole ride home......she was super mellow.  She is settling into the routine around our house and is fast becoming a member of the family.  Our big dog has been so good with her and is very gentle. The puppy wants to play with her so bad, and she is very tolerant with the puppy jumping on her and biting her tail and such. She's been going on newspaper in our laundry room, so I assumed you guys already had her paper trained.   We love her already.....she's a real sweetie........thanks for everything,  Teri

We shipped this beautiful little girl to California, where she lives with her new family in Fresno.


Hi Linda!

It's been just over two weeks since we got this wonderful little doxie from you.  As you can see, he's getting along very well with his big brother, Forrest.  We named the little guy Jack and he seems quite happy living with us.  We're still working on the whole house-training thing, but he's a great dog and a lot of fun to have around.  We took him to our vet (just to get acquainted and weighed - 8.2 pounds) and he was the hit of the office - everyone loved him. Just thought you'd like to know he's got a good home and we're enjoying him thoroughly.

Scott and  Denise

Hi Linda & Christie

Sorry it has taken me so long to write to you.  My husband and I bought the piebald male from you on Feb. 13, 2006.  Anyways, he is doing great.  We decided on the name Pippin.  He follows me all over the place.  I would say he is pretty much paper trained.  Our family just loves him.  

Lisa and Kevin

Pippin is out of Gracie and Otto.

On Nov. 20 we brought our exuberant, sweet dachshund, Princess, home from you (her breeder was our friend Dennis).  She loves other dogs and all people and has been a delight to have.  We have 2 other dachshunds, Rusty being the next youngest (he was from another friend of ours and will be 2 in June; those 2 have an especially great time together) and Sugar (she is 7+).  Thank you so much for helping us choose such a wonderful pet, Linda.

Dave and Linda

Dear Linda,

Roxy to this day is the most wonderful dog! She is a big racer now and won everything in Wheatland Wyoming last weekend. Last year in her very first year she was the reserve grand champion in Kimball Nebraska. We are racing at higlands ranch this weekend and wanted you to know. I have pictures on the way of her racing and would like to submit one for your website. I can't thank you enough for you great gift to our family and our wonderful girl. She is a blessing and thank you for all of the quality work you do in breeding. Thanks so very very much.



Sorry this email is belated. Brian and I were so busy during the holiday
season, especially with a new puppy. We named him Marley, and he is so precious. He is asleep on the couch next to me right now. He is the most affectionate puppy I've ever had. He's really healthy, active, and fun. Thanks so much for adding a third member into our home.

Elizabeth and Brian

This is Otis. He lives in Lake Havasu, Arizona with Pat.
Hi Linda

Thought I would send you a picture of Simon and Willie.  Willie has fit right in with our family.  He sleeps through the night (on our bed) and he and Simon are the best of friends (after Simon had to feel sorry for himself awhile).  He is a great little dog.  Here they are waiting to be fed – Simon has taught Willie to push the bowls around until you feed them. Hope all is well.


Hi Linda,

Just wanted to say Kingsly is doing great and we're so happy with him! Thank you,


Kingsly is out of Hershey and Graham.
Hi Linda - 

Thank you for the best puppy we could ask for..... We have finally chosen a name for him - BURTON -  he seems to like it ! He's soooooo sweet and has fit in with the big dogs very nicely.  Housetraining is coming along well too.


Burton is out of Hershey.
Linda's Pups-

This is Sister and Sweetie. We got them from you in August 2005.  They are the sweetest dogs.  Everyone should have a pair.  Thank you for raising such sweet dogs. 

Judy Moore
Idabel, OK

Hi Linda, 

I'm not sure if  you'll remember me ... but, we bought a puppy from you in June,   he's a chocolate and tan Boy ....   We LOVE him. His name is Dino !!!!  Here is a picture of him with his Big Brother Doug  .. 

Take care ... 

Patty Merrigan 

Hi Linda,
Thought I would send you note and let you know how the puppy is doing and send you recent pictures.  We decided to name her Bailey and she has been doing great.  She gets along wonderfully with my other dachsund Koda. At her last vet visit she weighed in at 10 pounds already so we're just waiting to see how big she will get.
Thanks So Much for the puppy!!

Two pictures of Nemo, he turned 6 months yesterday. He is a real joy and a funny little boy. He is registered as Nemotheweiner. Nemo is liking living in the mountains, loves to climb rocks, stumps, etc. He is a real athlete. Take care and have a good 4th and rest of the summer. 

Hi Linda,
Thanks for putting these on your website. 

Andrew and Kimberly
Here is a family of four doxies that were all bred by us. At the top are Laci and Ziggy (both out of Coco and Graham). And at the bottom is Sophie and Sydney. Sydney is a blue and tan piebald out of Gretta and Otto. Sophie is a cream longhair out of Graham and Bella. They are so lucky to all be together and have such a great family that loves them!!
Happy New Year Linda!!!! Just wanted to send you a few pics of our babies Daisy and Duke (Sept 4th litter) We have enjoyed them and have spoiled them just as bad as our daughter Mariah :) Hope all is well with you and all those pretty little babies you got now. Thanks for the joy that you have brought to our home. Matt, Gigi, Mariah, Daisy and Duke
Sorry this has taken so long to send you an update on our little girl Sophie.  Sophie is the clown of the group and is the most loving and fun puppy.  Her golden color has darkened a bit but still is quite unique.  Anyway,here are the pictures, I just love Sophie to death and am very pleased with her.
Cheryl Mulhauser

Sophie is out of Mocha and Graham.
Hi Linda,
Thought I'd send you a recent picture of Buck. He's coming up on 9 months now. He is doing great and pretty much rules the roost around here.  He has a terrific personality. He's trying to tell me it's supper time in this picture.

Dennis Biddle
Lander, WY
This is Donna. She lives with Hans and Fennie in Amsterdam.

I've attached a photo of Toddy, taken close to his birthday.  Just loves finding those special sunny spots out in the backyard...  We celebrated his first birthday with vanilla cupcakes and ice cream and hats and had a lovely time spoiling him!  (Well, we spoil him quite often, actually.)  He's such a sweet boy!

Hi Linda, I wanted to share a couple photos of our puppy for your "Past PuppiesPage". His name is Guinness and he is just about 20 months old. I got him fromyou on June 8th of last year. Currently, he is livingwith myslef, my girlfriend Elizabeth and our three cats. He is a veryhappy dog who enjoys running around and chasing the catswhile we are at work. He is deeply loved and we are very happy to have himas a part of our family.

Thank you, Sean Bergman
Hey Linda,
Here's some pictures of everyone taking a needed nap. They seem to enjoy my bed very much, and snuggling next to people. Thank you very much for the cutest puppies I've ever seen!


I just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how our little girl is doing. She is the love of our lives and the sweetest baby girl ever. I don't know how much of temperament is based on breeding, but we are just so happy to have such a sweetie! Since we live downtown and walk her outside, she makes new friends every single day! We get so many compliments, mostly on what a beautiful pup we have. Many people have asked where she came from, I always give them your website and tell them how great your dogs are! Anyway, just thought I'd give you an update and attach a couple of photos. She is growing into a beautiful dachshund and is a happy, healthy little girl who has filled our lives with fun and puppy love! Thanks!

Danielle and Matt  (she is out of Bella & Graham)
Thanks for our Annie. She is enjoying playing with the Grandkids, Serena 3 1/2 and Logan 2, and there Japanese Chin puppy, Sake. 
Tom and Laurie
Hi Linda,

I just wanted to give you an update on Pearl.  We have had her for almost 4 weeks now!  Can you believe it?  Pearl and Hazel are best buddies, and I am so glad!  Pearl follows Hazel around like a shadow!  Pearl is so playful and full of energy!  We just love her, and getting another Doxie was the best thing we have ever done!  Enjoy the pictures!

Marie Ritchie

Hi. Hope you had a nice holiday. I thought you might want to see your babies. Max and Sam are doing great. They are so well behaved. It's funny, they are brothers but have two totally different personalities. It is quite fun to watch them play. I will send more recent pictures when I can get them together. Look forward to hearing from you. Linda

Max and Sam are out of Lola & Otto.
This is the mommy of you`re beautiful dapple male. His name is Carson, lol, it suits him well as he is a star around here. He is just what i needed, the most affectionate loveable dog ever. I have attached some pictures, he loves his sweaters and is a love of my whole family.
thank you so much,

Carson is out of Hershey & Graham
Dear Linda, 

Happy holidays to you and your family. We here in Chicago thought it was time to send you some upated photo's of Rocky and his brother Murray. Rocky is doing Great and is the friendliest guy you could have, he just needs to get over his need to chew stuff. We regularly go to the website to check uot Rocky's brothers and sisters to see how beautiful they are. Keep up the great work. Have a wonderful and happy holiday season. 

The Burgbacher Family

Rocky (chocolate and tan, right) is out of Sadie and Graham.
Here are Badger and Bear. They are inseperable friends! We had a visit from Badger over Christmas and got to see what a beautiful boy he has turned into. 

Badger is out of Gretta and Dexter.
Dear Linda,
We wish you a very Blessed Christmas, and LOVE little Peanut.  He is such a smart, funny, well-behaved little boy.  Charles brings him to work every day, and his colleagues all fight to take care of him while Charles is in his meetings.  I have already taught him to spin around in a circle and to sit before he gets his food.  Such a smart Dachsie! Here are some photos for your "Puppies" page.  Our Honeybunny is a good big sister and takes such good care of him.  They play the dickens out of themselves until they are so pooped that they crash on our laps.

Thank you for sending our Christmas puppy, Jenny and Charles

Peanut (left) is out of Abby and Dexter.

Update- August 21, 2008:
We want to tell you how happy we are with our Peanut. I am attaching some recent photos for your "Past Puppies" page.  You can see that CUTE little face of his, and how he's grown to look just like his father Dexter. What a remarkable little rascal he is.  He and our other Dachshund, Honeybunny, are inseparable.  And Peanut has a great sense of humor too--we laugh all day long when we watch them play.  They are our pride and joy.  Thank you again for the care you give to all of your doggies and puppies. 

I hope you are doing well. We just love Roxy and she is so good with the kids. Her birthday is January 1st !!  Becky Sanderson

All doxies belong in bed too!
First off we have to say we are very pleased with the outcome of our baby girl. We named her Symone, her AKC name is Symone The Serect Truffles. She is very sweet loving and smart. She already knows sit, stay, come, paw and treat. She also is getting the potty training down pat. She is so fun and so cute, she plays all the time and loves to lay in the sun. She is our bundle of joy.We will cherish her forever.They are like Lay's  potato chips, you just can't have one. I will be looking forward to another one. She is a show stopper everywhere she goes, even the vet's was amazed. 

Jennifer and Kelvin

Symone is out of Isabelle and Graham.
To the right is an updated picture of Max and Sam. They are just gorgeous!
Hi Linda - we just wanted to touch base and let you know that Sienna and Aspen (Sienna was from your friend in Missouri and Aspen was the adorable female white and brown piebald we got from you in June 2007). Aspen is quite the celebrity in Colorado Springs and the attached picture has been placed onto commercial cards and was even featured in an Art Show last week. Both girls are doing fabulously - they are inseparable pals and have been an absolute delight to our family. Keep up the great work - you are bringing joy to so many!

Rob & Heide 
Colorado Springs, CO

Aspen (right) is out of Lily and Otto.

Today, August 16th 2008, is Nathan's 1st birthday.  He is a spunky and fun little boy.  Nathan's parents are Sophie and Otto.

Taylor & the Bissert Family
Thank you so much for our sweet little "Daisy".  She will be the love of our lives for years to come.Annabel is taking such loving care of her.  Here are a couple of photos.  Thanks again.  

Warm Regards, 
Denise, Tom and Annabel Hiben 

PS.  You were right, Tom loves her too!

Daisy is out of Otto and her mom is Sophie, out of Mocha and Graham.
Hi, Linda

Here's a frame or two from the Gracie and Sasha show!


Gracie is out of Lola and Otto.
I just wanted to send you some pictures of Rusty. He loves his new home and is the SWEETEST dog we have ever had! He is such a lover. He sure loves his big sister Stella. Thanks you for our beautiful boy.

Patrick and Mary Howard

Rusty (red) is out of Cindy and Graham.

Our Dewey is now four months old, and of course we’re in love. I never had a dog growing up, so I had no idea how much joy they bring to your life! He brings us hours of entertainment. He’s still learning how to navigate his long body, and we get a kick out of watching him run sideways. In the afternoons he can spend hours lying on our deck, soaking up the sun. He’s like a little cat-dog! Dewey has become a master sock-stealer, and loves to lie in our laundry. He’s already become great at fetch and we’re looking forward to more days in the park! And he is such a cuddle-bug. He loves to lay right at our heads or on our necks. Thank you Christie & Linda! Dewey is so much fun, and by far the sweetest dog I’ve ever known. 


Dewey is out of Gracie and Otto

Here are pics we took today of Irwin and Abbott. You'll notice how big Irwin is. They have been playing all day together... Chasing each other, jumping, and wagging their tails the whole time... So I guess they just had to adjust last night which was a giant barkfest all night long from their crates... I hope tonight is better.
Thanks, and enjoy the pics.


Irwin is out of Gracie and Otto and Abbott is out of Lola and Otto.

Email us about your new puppy and tell us how they are doing! We will gladly post it on this page.
Hi Linda,

I wanted to let you know how thankful we are to have Winston (from Lola)  in our lives. He is just such a joy!! It was incredibly easy to potty train him and he can do several tricks now. Our vet has suggested that we volunteer with him at the children’s hospital doing puppy tricks because he is so talented!!! Thanks again. Best regards,

Laura and John 
Denver, CO

Winston is out of Lola and Otto. He is a red piebald longhair.

Hi Linda

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how Memphis is doing. He is a great little guy, one of the mellowest dogs I have ever met. He just ebbs and flows with the everything. He is just terrific. His ticking and red have really come out to. He is just beautiful. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Memphis is out of Bella and Graham. He is a recessive red piebald shorthair.

Donna and friends lounging on the sun chair.
Here is a recent pic of Irwin and Abbott taking in the sun. They are so sweet together.


Linda, Some recent pics of the little ones Bogart and Maggie - with Gracie and Buster as well - we just love 'em!
Greg and Renee Markling

What a great big doxie family! Top left are Bogart (choc dapple out of Hershey & Max) and Maggie (red out of Sadie & Dexter). Middle left is Buster (choc dapple out of Pearl & Dexter) and middle right is Gracie (choc out of Isabelle & Graham).
Hi Linda, 

I’m finally getting around to sending pictures of Barney.  He is an absolute joy.  He’s friendly and playful and loves people and other dogs.  He weighs 12 lbs now at 6 months and has grown into his feet.  I am so happy to have Barney, he tuned out to be the perfect dog for me. Hope all is well with you and your puppies,


Barney is out of Isabelle and Graham.


Here are some photos that I have recently taken of Izzy and Lily. They have been so much fun to have around and we just love them so much.  Their personalities are so different it's amazing. I'm so glad that we did go ahead and get Lily. She and Izzy play so well together and are such good  company for one another. Everyone that sees them says that they are just beautiful. Thank you so much for such wonderful puppies!! Nancy 

Izzy is an Isabella and Tan out of Abby and Max. Lily is a recessive red piebald out of Lily and Graham.
Belle, out of Coco and Otto.
Linda - Our boys are the lights of our lives!!! - Carol

Tuffy, left, is out of Molly and Blue. Fudge, right, is out of Scarlett and Blue. Molly has passed away and Scarlett and blue are retired from breeding. 
Here are some latest pix of Ms T and Mr R. they are doing well. Rudy is really getting big. Tipper is a real Diva. 
Bruce and Ana 

Tipper (black and tan) is out of Joy and Graham,  and Rudy (red) is out of Sadie and Graham.
Hi Linda,  

This is Kendra and Moe, just wanting to catch up. Moe is growing and has lots of energy, we just love him. - Kendra

Moe is a chocolate dapple out of Hershey and Max.
 Linda -

Thank you so much for our special little girl. RJ (Regina Jane) has brought us so much joy. We cannot wait to grow up with her.
Have a great New Year, and we will be back for another baby soon.

Terry & Andrea 

RJ is a red brindle out of Gretta and Dexter.

Stella is now asking to go outside when she needs and we couldn’t be happier. she is loving and very outgoing.......hardly ever barks and loves to meet new people and dogs.............thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Stella is out of Isabelle and Graham.
Hello, Linda,

Here is my beloved Moki at 7 months (he's now 8 mos, born Mar 26), he is the love of my life, and the hit of the daily dogwalking circuit around Cheesman Park, which is 1.3 miles. He never fails to cause a stir. Isn't he gorgeous? He's very social, no matter what size dog he encounters! And he adapted well to highrise living, he sits at the windows (down to the floor) and watches the action in the park below, like a cat. 

Have a lovely holiday season, Linda.

Moki is out of Coco and Dexter.

These beautiful boys are owned by Shawn. 

Chocolate dapple is out of Coco and Dexter, and the chocolate longhair is out of Isabelle and Graham. 
My name is Tobi! I came to my family December 5, 2008, and joined with Penny (Jack Russell) and Shania (Australian Sheppard). It took just a day or so for me to learn where the water bowl and feed dish were, which bed was mine and not to mess with the territory of the other dogs. I love to play with my toys, am a great fetcher of anything that is thrown; I sleep all night in my crate, and have now conquered going UP and DOWN the stairs. That was really scary. Going outside in the snow, wind and rain are not problems for me. I love to jump in the snow banks and plow through the drifts look at them as if to say "What's your problem". Playing tug with Penney and wrestling with Shania are highlights of my days. 
My coat is black and shiny and I love a bath and being brushed. The best thing is cuddling with my mom in her lap while she eats breakfast and then just before bedtime. 

Hi Linda, 
This is Sara.  My husband Brad and I bought Ozzie from you last May.  Ozzie came from Hershey and Max and I just wanted to send you a picture of him on his first birthday!!  He is such a great dog and we don't know what we would do without him.  Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to own one of your dachshunds.  He truly is our baby and our joy!!  His personality is just a hoot!  He entertains us and keeps us good company!  Thank you again, and I hope you enjoy his picture...he is so much bigger then when we first got him, it is funny how much they change.  Thanks again!  
Sara, Brad, & Ozzie

Hi Linda, 

Scott and I got Bo from you in 2004. He was born on February 9, 2004 to Scarlett and Blue. He was the only pup you had left, and you said your son took his brother because Bo was too wild. And yes, he is still a wild boy! We love him so much and he is a great dog! He has so much personality and he makes us laugh every day. He's doing great and has just turned 6. He's very strong and muscular and weighs in at a whopping 20 pounds, and he is not overweight! He loves everybody and especially our grandkids.  Thanks for such a wonderful boy!

Gwen and Scott 

Hi Linda
   My name is Lauren and I had purchased a beautiful dachsund puppy from you almost 3 years ago. I wanted to send you  pictures of him and tell how special and wonderful he is. Everywhere we go people constantly stop us and ask us about him and his color. He is such a good boy and also quite the character. We will always have a dachsund in our lives now because they are just the best little companions and have the funniest personallities. His names is Slim. I'm sure you will remember him:-)

Slim sits up just like his mom Coco! He is out of Coco and Dexter.
Hi Linda, Since you enjoyed our X'mas Card so much, I'm sending the picture to put on your website.  Both pups are doing great in their obedience classes.  Little Jake can sit at "attention"  and looks like a little soldier about to salute.  He's a real daddy's dog and Jamocha is a little smarty pants too and is learning to sit up. Enjoy! Gay

Jake, left, is black and tan piebald out of Bella. Jamocha, right, is a chocolate and tan out of Mocha.
Hi Linda:

I thought I would share some pictures of Sequoia. She really loves her new home especially the courtyard where she loves to explore, smell and sometimes eat the flowers.


Sequoia is a chocolate and tan longhair out of Abby.  
Hi Linda,

Here are a couple of pictures of my you can see, Timber and Rascal take care of Barney!


Rascal is a red dapple smooth out of Prince.
Rich and Betty Ritter are proud to introduce the newest member of our family: Otto Von Schweizer
He is a miniature dachshund Born Mar 28th, 2009.

Otto is a red smooth out of Ruby and Dexter.
Linda - I wanted to send you some pictures of RJ all grown up.  She was born last October and we are just finishing our last few days of her first heat.  We have learned a lot about babies growing up and we love her so much.  She is so beautiful, and a classic doxie clown, even the cats are getting in on the love.  We are still undecided on breeding her, but we have time to decide on that.I just can't resign myself to let someone cut her, so we will see.Thank you for raising such great kids....Terry and Andrea Shields

RJ is a red brindle shorthair out of Gretta and Dexter.
I just wanted to drop you a line telling you how much we are enjoying Maggie. She was from Hershey and Max's September 2008 litter. She is fantastic. She is great with our other pets, a 7 year old doxie and 3 cats, and when I take her for walks she loves meeting neighbors and their pets.  She is full of energy and a beautiful dog, people are amazed at her coloring.  Since Jim works out of the house she is his companion throughout the day and when she settles down in the evening she normally finds his lap the most comfortable.
Thanks for a great addition to our family.
Jim and Chrissia

Hello Linda:
Here are the photos we promised you of little Hansie! He is just a bundle of joy to the whole family and he brought us all a lot of happiness as you can see!! He has found a very loving home and is loved by everyon! Again thanks for this bundle of joy!!                                                                          Nico, Irmgard and family.

Linda, I thought I'd send you pictures of Wilson.  He's one of the Sept 1st litter.  He's soooo absolutely adorable, and we ALL love him.  Even my husband who didn't want a puppy.  He calls Wilson his "little buddy".  Just thought you'd enjoy seeing him.
Candace McGinty
Highlands Ranch

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It didn't really matter to me at the time, but he is one great pup.  He is pretty much house trained, barks to get out, sleeps all night, is smarter than a whip.  My constant companion with whatever I'm doing, except VACUMMING.  That is overwhelming for him!! I've had several people wanting to know "where did you find that dog". - Char

Tobi is a black and tan longhair out of Joy and Max.