Here are some recent pictures of the beautiful doggies you gave us: Peanut (now 2 ½ years old, out of Dexter and Abby) was our ring bearer for our wedding in Aug 2008.  The one of Peanut running towards the camera won a prize in a local Colorado Springs photo contest.  And here’s another picture of him playing with some baby goslings. The CUTE little girl in the basket is Amaretto, born June 18th, 2009 from Prince and Sophie.  We think this should go on the cover of a Hallmarks card! We are submitting the one picture of the three of them on the green couch, “Our Sausage Brigade,” to another photo contest this month. We look forward to getting another black and tan, or red, boy from you—maybe in August for our wedding anniversary!

Toby & Todd - Todd (left) is a chocolate and tan smooth out of Sadie & Dexter, and Toby is an isabella and tan smooth piebald out of Isabelle & Wisconsin
Mya - a chocolate and tan shorthair out of Hershey & Dexter
Eli - a chocolate and tan longhair out of Coco & Chip, shown with Connor
We named our boy Moose.  He settled in so great.  He seemed like he had been with us forever in just a day or two.  He gets along great with the other 2 dogs & the 2 cats!  Our other mini weiner is so protective of Moose & they play & romp together!!  They are funny to watch.  Moose went to the Vet a week ago for his next shots and he weighed 4.9 lbs.  He is growing like a bad weed!  You were right about the comments on his coloring.  Everyone says he is so pretty & they have never seen one that color before.  Moose, Killer (our other mini) & I have been going to the long term care center to visit with the confined senoirs & they love seeing the 2 little dogs!  We are working on getting Killer certified as a therapy dog.  Moose has to be 1 year before he can be certified, but in the meantime this is great socializing for him!  He is mellow & small enough he sits really good with even the most feble senior! Thanks for our great new Boy!! - Linda 

Moose is an isabella and tan longhair piebald out of Isabelle & Wisconsin

Roxy, beloved and missed companion to Jeff
Gracie, a black and tan longhair piebald out of Lola &  Otto
Hi Linda, here is a couple of my favorites  Annie getting caught chewing on mom's shoe and begging for a treat at Christmas time. Thanks for everything
                                                                                                                                                  Jody & Barb

Tootsie & Gracie - Tootsie (top) is a chocolate and tan dapple longhair out of Hershey, and Gracie (right) is a black and tan piebald longhair
Hi Linda,
It's Michelle I just wanted to send you a couple of Pics of Sasha! She is doing great and has adjusted well to our home. She and my other doxie, Jasmyn get along well. Sasha is loving. playful, fearless and a character! Thank you so much for my new baby!

Sasha, bottom, is a chocolate and tan smooth out of Hershey & Dexter

  As you can see from his picture Rudy is completely at home We call him the little prince.  H e thinks he is Superdog.


Rudy is a chocolate-based red longhair out of Sadie & Graham

Just a note to say hi and we love out Muttley!

Hi Linda,

Just wanted to send a couple pictures of Fritz & Rudy... They are the most amazing, loving and smart little guys!!

Hope you are well!!

Hi Linda, 

Just wanted to touch base and send you a recent photo of our sausage brigade. Lil Kahlua is the funniest spunky HAM you've ever seen. Just a delight to have. To see four doxies running around our house is like having a bunch of kids!!!!

If/when we want a fifth doxie, we will drive all the way back to Parker and get another one of yours, but that won't be for a while. Having four of them is a handful.

Stay well!

Jenny & Charles
Hello Linda, just wanted to give you a quick update regarding our puppy. Everyone is very, very happy. He is so cute and sweet. He and our other dog, Ripley get along fantastic and have become fast friends. He loves his bed and was able to sleep all night with no issues. We are so excited to have him in our family! Here are a few pictures we took yesterday and today.  
Take care and safe journeys!
They are begging for treats, but have very good posture! I hope that you are doing well. I love my babies! These guys are both out of Dexter and Gretta, 3 years apart. Piddy and Dewey

Linda, Here are some cute photos of our pups. Thought you might like. I was also wondering ifyou would send me that most recent photo that's on your website of our Scarlett? It is sogorgeous. The first photo I am sending is of Rhett, Bacall and Bogie. The second one is ofRhett and Bogie. The third one is Bogie, hope it all came out, he is pretty long. The fourth oneis Bogie again and the fifth one is Bacall. Are they all beautiful? Thanks and don't forget to send me that one of Scarlett. Karen  
Bogie (chocolate and tan piebald) is out of Isabelle and Wisconsin
Bacall (black and tan dapple) is out of Callie and Graham
Rhett (chocolate and tan longhair) is out of Cindy and Dexter
Hi Linda and Family! 
Just wanted to give you an update on Oliver (born 12/8/10). We took him to the Big Beaver Brewery in May for a Running of the Dachshunds. We had so much fun see all the weenies run. Ollie won his first race and then won second place in his division! We were so excited for him; we had no idea he'd actually run! So many other dachshunds freaked out, but Ollie ate it all up! He's been going to daycare once a week and the girls LOVE him. We are finally moving to a place with a real yard at the end of the month, so Oliver will get to romp around outside--freely! He has the best personality and while he can have the usual traits of a Dachshund, he is so sweet. He loves people, is great with kids, and doesn't bark too often. He fetches like a Lab. He will fetch a ball or a disk and bring it back with no problem. I didn't think he'd actually pick it up, but he did! We thought he must be crossed with Lab somewhere, so we took him for a swim lesson. HA! No Lab in his DNA. He hated the water. I was kinda sad because I had seen so many Dachshunds actually love the water. Maybe next time. Attached are some photos. The first one is of Oliver at Rocky Mountain National Park in March. The rest are from the race. He's the one in the blue scarf. 

Hope you are doing well!
Stephanie, Forrest and Ollie
Hi Linda-
You will find attached beautiful pictures that we had professionally taken of our little Ali. HeR mom is Isabella and Wisconsin. We love her so much. She has brought so much joy to our family! We thank you for being such a great breeder! She is truly wonderful. Sincerely Andrea