Lina is also co-owner of my daughter and her family! Please e-mail Kellie or check out her website if interested in one of her pups. 

Lina is our little fireball! She LOVES to play and will fetch a ball all day long! She's also a cuddler and a talker. She will moan and groan and make all kinds of cute noises! 

Lina is missing about an inch of the end of her tail. When she was born she had a little bend in it and her breeder tried to straighten it with a popsicle stick and take...when she took the tape off, part of her tail came with it. It has effect on her, and we happen to think it's adorable! It has a little flag on the end!

She isn't very photogenic, so I apologize for not having the best pictures! She is beautiful though, very deep dark red, hazel eyes, and a chocolate nose. 

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