Gracie is a black and tan smooth hair piebald. She does carry for long hair. She's simply adorable and she knows it. She is the best cuddle puppy, sleeping on your lap all day if you let her! Gracie is owned by my daughter Christie.

Thank you to Danielle's Dachshunds for letting us get this beautiful baby girl. We hope you love your "Heidi like we love our Gracie.

Gracie is now retired from breeding and just enjoys socializing all day long. She loves to cuddle and loves to eat, like a typical doxie. 
Shown here at two months old.
Gracie is three months old above. 
Gracie's Pedigree
Gracie is pictured above at 8 months old.
Gracie likes the snow! (After the blizzard of '05.)
Gracie's first litter with Otto. Four cutie pies - three baby girls and one baby boy!