Coco is a chocolate and tan dapple long hair. She is AKC registered. Coco is most definitely one of a kind. She is so smart and cute! She picked up potty training and leash training with very little effort. She is very playful and independent. She likes to sit vertically on the couch like a person. She rarely ever whines or barks. She is such a great dog. Coco is owned by my daughter, Christie.
Coco's Pedigree
Pictured above at 11 months old. 
Pictured above and below at 5 months old.
This is Coco on top of the snow mound on our patio, the day after the blizzard of 2005.
This is Coco at just over two years old. She is so beautiful!
Coco has learned to sit down on her bottom and balance there for as long as it takes to get a treat!